Bainbridge Island in Top 20 Safest Cities

The Bainbridge Review reported today that Bainbridge Island made the Top 20  Safest Cities in WA, based on research done by SafeWise, an online safety resource and consumer advocate.


This year’s report was released Oct. 5. SafeWise analysts reviewed the most recent 2016 FBI crime statistics and population data, and made its evaluation on Washington’s safest places to live based on the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape and robbery) in each city per 1,000 people.

18. Bainbridge Island
Population: 23,998
Violent crimes per 1,000: 1.08
Property crimes per 1,000: 13.33
Total crime: 8.13% violent, 91.87% property

For the full report, go to

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Buy Now or Wait?

Economist Matthew Gardner explains why buying now is likely your best choice. Click here to watch his YouTube video, and you can also find more of his forecasts on YouTube.

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Information on Generators

In Kitsap County, we have a LOT of trees. And windy conditions, especially during winter months. For Bainbridge Islanders and others, keeping the heat and lights on can pose a challenge. If considering a generator, you’ll want to read this.

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Bainbridge Island Buyers 2016

At today’s staff meeting, we discussed where our Buyers are coming from. Every time we close a transaction, we complete a form that says what part of the world the Buyer lived in prior to this purchase. As in year’s past, in 2016 the vast majority came from our area: 43% from Bainbridge Island, 25% from the Puget Sound area. Not surprising to many of us, nearly one-third came from California! My colleagues and I were responsible for 342 “sides” of transactions last year and only ONE Buyer was from China. There were a total of 2 foreign Buyers for the entire year! So, if you’re thinking of Selling your home, just know that LOCAL marketing and LOCAL impact are still the most important things when choosing your Realtor.  Contact me for a copy of the entire report:, 206-755-5139.

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Houses Sell All Year Long

Many people decide to wait until Spring to list their homes for sale. This can be a mistake. If you have amazing gardens, OK, that's a good reason. But if not, here's why it doesn't make sense:

  • Homes sell all year long. Any given month, 6% of the total annual sales will likely occur. In summer months, that volume may double, but people are buying houses every month.
  • There is less competition during the winter. If your house isn't one that would be featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, you can benefit from less competition!
  • Life changes occur and people HAVE to buy a house. Every day, someone is transferred, family members require moves, health issues happen. A buyer who HAS to move is a great buyer.
  • Interest rates are low. Who knows what may happen in the spring and summer of 2014? As interest rates move up, prices become suppressed to keep housing affordable. Take advantage of today's scenario with housing prices rising and interest rates low.
  • If you're waiting for huge increases in house prices, expect to wait a long time. Projections for our area are for modest growth; consider 3% per year. That is, unless interest rates rise, in which case housing price increases may flatten.

Twenty two houses went from Active to Pending Inspection from October 15-November 3 on Bainbridge Island. There aren't enough houses for sale to meet the demand. Now may be the best time to put your house on the market.

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It Pays to Stage

Professional staging of homes before listing for sale can take a variety of forms. It can mean decluttering and rearranging your existing furniture to make your home more neutral and inviting to prospective buyers, or it can mean taking out all or most of your furnishings and replacing them with the look that sells in today's market. Staging can include painting … interior walls or kitchen cabinets, for example.

Today's Housing Wire Update reports that in a recent study, 359 homes underwent staging before hitting the market, and the homes received a first offer within 26 days after the staging. Of these homes, 69 received multiple offers. When a seller invests in staging before they list their home, the home will sell 87% faster, RESA studies proved.

When you read the article, note that they mention the average staging fees to be 1-3% of the list price. That would mean $5,000-$15,000 on a $500,000 home. The largest staging investment my clients have worked with cost $4200, and that was to completely furnish a 3500 sq. ft. house that sold in the $600,000 range.

Once staged, you still have to price it right and advertise it well. But I agree that Sellers often leave big money on the table by not taking the time to do it right.

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Why Spring May Not Be the Best Time to Sell

As of 11/13, there are only 138 Active listings for single family homes on Bainbridge Island. This is a very low number, even for this time of year. Remove the 33 homes priced at a million dollars or over, and we're left with just over 100 properties from which people can choose that are priced under $1,000,000.  Very few Realtors here can remember the inventory ever being this low.

And buyers are buying NOW, as evidenced by the data below. The data is for Total Listings vs. Listings that have a contract on them and are at some stage of Pending status. (While this is for Bainbridge Island, many Seattle area communities are experiencing the same thing.)

Listing / Pending  

          Single Family Houses 206 / 68 = 33%

          Condos 47 / 14 = 30%

          Land 67 /   9 = 13%

Owners wishing to sell need to take advantage of the fact that there are buyers looking for houses right now and there is less competition. Get your home on the market! Waiting until Spring, when supply is expected to be more plentiful, could drive prices down instead of up. What you expect to gain by having your garden looking great may be diminished by additional competition.

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Buyer Broker Improves Your Odds

On Bainbridge Island, inventory of single family residences remains lower than normal because demand has roughly doubled over last year. Here are statistics on listings vs. pending sales.

September 18 Listings Pendings
2012 234 71 (30%)
2011 308 46 (15%)

So, Active Listings – those available and not under contract – are 163 vs. 263 in 2011. This is a very small amount of inventory. If you are a buyer, you would be wise to have a Buyer Broker working on your behalf to screen houses for you as they hit the market and help you work quickly to secure the house you want. Buyers who work with a Broker to help them can also benefit from the Broker researching past listings that may not have sold; we can approach the owners on your behalf and uncover gems for you.

First Time Home Buyers may not realize that Sales Commissions are typically paid by the Seller, so it costs you nothing to get Buyer Broker assistance. Talk with your trusted Realtor about it.

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Remodeling Homes – Return on Investment

Every year, Remodeling Magazine does a Cost vs. Value report that shows the return on investment you can expect from typical remodeling projects when you decide to sell. Very often during listing presentations,a homeowner will tell me that someone suggested a kitchen remodel before putting their home on the market.  According to this report, if they were to take that advice and spend $20,000 on a minor remodel to spruce it up and get it looking great, they might see a return of $18,000. Sound like a good investment to you? Take a look at what spending $60,000 on a high-end makeover might do for you. Data is compiled on a national level and by region, including Seattle.

This is why people will tell you to do the remodeling while you are still living in your home and can enjoy it. Here's a link to the downloadable reports:

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Multi-Generational Housing

When I was growing up in the Midwest, it was normal for grandparents to live in the same household as their children and grandchildren. My best friend at the time, Debbie, enjoyed her grandma's company and she taught us how to embroider. Another friend from the East Coast, one of 5 children, was practically raised by her live-in German grandmother, whom she adored, and speaks fluent German as a result. Many people are re-evaluating their lifestyles since the recession and the slow comeback our economy is experiencing. Sometimes change that is difficult can bring great joy. Consider the benefits of multi-generational housing. And in our area, it can come in many forms.

Multi-generational Housing Bainbridge Island Real Estate Options: 

On Bainbridge Island right now, there are a variety of properties for sale that would work well for this:

1. Two houses on one piece of land.

2. Rambler with daylight basement, each level featuring a private kitchen, bath and master bedroom.

3. Two-story home with a master suite on the main floor and a second master upstairs.

4. Three-story home on a large lot that is plumbed for a second kitchen in the sun-filled, lower level.

Consider the benefits, then decide if it's time for a change. 

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